Dr. Emoto’s Legacy

Dr.Emoto's picture1Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted revolutionary research on water, pioneering the technology of water crystal photography. He conclusively demonstrated that thoughts, words and everything we see and hear have a direct effect on water-crystal formation.
His most amazing discovery is that water is deeply connected with our individual and collective consciousness. Because both the human body and this planet Earth are about 70% water, it is essential that we all learn about water and how it is connect with our thoughts and words.
Dr. Emoto conducted extensive water research and through more than tens of thousands of water crystal photos his laboratory processed, he learned when water is exposed to positive, beautiful words, thoughts, music, or vibrations, the water crystals create beautiful, hexagonal crystalline structures.
However, when water is exposed to negative, ugly or destructive words, thoughts, music or vibrations, it forms misshapen, irregular crystals or none at all.
Through the years, Dr. Emoto learned the most beautiful crystals water made came after exposure to the words “Love and Gratitude.”
Dr. Emoto’s most important teaching is that by learning from water and realizing we and the Earth are mostly water, if we all live in love and gratitude, our planet will be a more harmonious and peaceful world.