We are One!

34We are going to the next stage as we are one!

When we were not civilized thousands of years ago, people lived in small groups- small tribes – in small villages. Every small groups had their leaders and helped and protected each other within small groups.

As we started to civilize, because we  learned how to communicate with different groups, tribes, races, the small “villages” became “towns”, then grew to be “cities”.

We had conflicts and wars instead of living in harmony – many people, animals, plants and all beings went through difficult times. After going through such hard times, we realized  we lost some precious things: Love, respect, and gratitude for EVERY THING on this planet.

As we have realized this important teaching, and because we are part of this planet Earth and universe, we are now becoming one! No more small groups, no different races, but we are just one people, one Earth family.

Thanks to the modern technology, things are moving faster. Thanks to all the past tough times, we have realized that we want to live in harmony.

We still have borders for countries, still have our different languages, but in the future, borders may not exist any more and we will be communicating in same the language, understanding, valuing and sharing cultures.

Many happenings that we had not seen before are happening right now because we are at the very time of “a major change”. It is somehow similar to switching car gears or  changing tracks. So let’s live in high vibration; love, good thoughts, positive words, good deeds, lots of smiles, respect, and appreciation.

In love and gratitude,

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