1 Love and 2 Gratitudes

1 Love and 2 Gratitudes

sunrise-nov-2016The sunrise this morning was gorgeous. This is God’s love giving to all beings equally. I am so very grateful!

I remember that Dr. Emoto used to say that Love is an active (giving) energy, and gratitude is a passive (receiving) energy. The Creator is sending his love to every existence equally through sun rays. So we shall receive his love with 2 gratitudes, and change 1 gratitude out of those 2 into Love and give it to someone else. Then Love and Gratitude will go around the world and thus everyone will be in love and gratitude. The whole world will become very peaceful.

What a beautiful way to live. Our emotion and thoughts are controllable, and they are energy. They have their own HADO (vibration). If we chose to Love and be Grateful, instead of angry, scared, or worried, we are already happy and peaceful.

It’s so simple! Just 1 Love and 2 Gratitudes!

Thank you, thank you, and I love you!

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