Yin and Yang

yin-yangEverything on Earth consists of “Yin and Yang”. “Yin and Yang” is “Good and Evil,” “positive and negative” and is the “in and out” of all things. Yin and Yang are like the great eternal swing of the pendulum, describing a figure eight — the sign of infinity. A phenomenon that is “Yin” will change to “Yang” naturally, and then swing back to “Yin” again. This is the cycle of Yin and Yang.

Bright morning comes after dark night. This phenomenon continues as a natural cycle of life. Beautiful spring comes after quiet winter. These two aspects always countervail and keep the balance. This is a law of nature.

When you are experiencing challenging times, be patient and have faith because brightness will come and you’ll be happy you waited with faith. Some people see only the challenges, which are the negative side of a phenomenon. Challenges will not last forever due to the law of nature. However, faith is positivity, and when you have faith, due to law of Hado (Vibration), you will attract positive and good things. Thus, any challenges will vanish.

You may have a habit of focusing on challenges or something unpleasant.  However if you overcome this habit and focus only on the pleasant side— the good and positive things— you will not even feel unpleasant or challenged. In other words, you will feel happy and grateful. Everything you feel and you see are what YOU THINK or what YOU SEE. Remember, “Yin and Yang” (negative and positive) are in yourself as well. So, stay neutral and see the positive side.

Even though “Yin and Yang” is within yourself, if you focus only on Yang (positivity), you will not even feel much of “Yin” (negativity).  It is all up to where you want to center your heart and what you want to see.

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