Water is the biggest conscious body in the Universe

Love and Gratitude

Water is precious, sacred, and it is LIFE.

Thanks to water, the life was born. It keeps providing us many beautiful lives and nature for tens of thousands of years, even longer!  Water circulates not only within the earth but also beyond the earth and through the vast universe. Water is everywhere in the universe and goes out and returns to the earth. And we are drinking perhaps the same water as the water that dinosaurs were drinking. And do you think it is possible that water has memory from that ancient time?  I believe it does!  I think water is the biggest conscious body in the universe.

When water is vapor, it is a spirit, and we can breathe it. When it is liquid, it is a soul, and we can drink it, and when it is solid, it is a body, and it shows what kind of information it has in the form of crystal. And it always changes its form. It can go everywhere, even in tiny places that it may seem impossible. Water is really a unique being, because it is not merely water, but it is the biggest conscious body in the universe.

If water is a conscious being, as I think it is, it has emotion. It is a very generous, loving, and sacred being. The environment can affect water’s emotion. In ancient times, all people and animals respected each other, and lived in harmony. At that time, this beautiful Hado (vibration) of harmony and respect reflected water, thus it was happy and vibrating happily at the molecular level. It probably provided brilliant life for nature and all beings.

This past hundreds of years, water has been confronted with people’s fear, insecurity, and anger due to conflicts, battles, wars, and so on. Such fear, insecurity, anger, and all the negative emotions make water’s negative emotion as well.  And water must have shown us some signs such as natural disasters so that we will learn from them and change the way we live. Because water is conscious and has memory, it can be both very kind and very angry.

Currently water maybe angry because of the negative emotions we human have given, however, if we release the negative energy and ask for forgiveness, water is also merciful, so it will forgive us, protect us, and love us, because it is the essence of life.

For our children, grandchildren, and for 7 generations to come, we want to preserve beautiful, calm and happy water; beautiful human and nature. How? It is quite easy!  Know that WE ARE WATER! Water loves “LOVE AND GRATITUDE”.


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