Thank you water!

Whenever I have the opportunity, I visit the beautiful Pacific Ocean. I’ve always been drawn to the ocean and its fresh breezes. I resonate with the infinite roar of the surf.

As I walk barefoot along the beach, the water licking at my toes reminds me of its ancientness.  This water carries the entire knowledge and history of Mother Earth. Perhaps my toes are feeling the raindrops that fell on Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) or the water that washed the feet of Yeshua ben Yosef (Jesus).

Did this water caressing my skin provide maize for an ancient village or help sculpt the Grand Canyon? Do you realize water is continually recycling itself as it is a non-renewable resource? What’s here on this planet is what we have to work with. Water is life—without water, no Mother Earth.

As I gaze out into the expanses of the Pacific Ocean, I am overcome with awe and belonging. I am enveloped in knowingness that this vast body of water has borne witness to the trials and joys of humanity.  Like tears, this water has cleansed pains and healed our wounds while providing life to all on our planet.

How many times have you thanked water for providing your life? After all, your body is 70% water just as Mother Earth’s. Think about it—even though neglected, water absorbs our transgressions —both those imposed on Mother Earth and our physical bodies.

The collective “we” dumps chemicals and sewage into rivers and oceans, assuming that water will “take care” of the effluent.  Pesticides and herbicides ultimately seep into the ground water. Water under pressure is being used to break up and fracture rock (fracking), which upsets Mother Earth’s vibration. The individual “we” is guilty of polluting our water with drugs, stress, questionable food choices and hurtful words.

At this time in history, water needs our collective support more than ever.  Since the advent of the Atomic Age, we have accelerated the “messing of our nest.”  Fortunately, Dr. Masaru Emoto’s years of research with water provide ways to connect with water and heal both Mother Earth and our bodies.

Dr. Emoto discovered water exposed to “Love and Gratitude” produced the most beautiful and perfect crystals. He found water was also forgiving. This simple prayer of forgiveness, recited in many water ceremonies around the world, helped the water renew itself:

“Water we are sorry.

Water, please forgive us.

Water we thank you.

Water we love you.”

The following pictures illustrate the water’s state before and after a water forgiveness prayer ceremony  performed in 1997 at Japan’s Fujiwara Dam:

Fukiwara Dam Water Before Prayer
Fukiwara Dam Water After Water Forgiveness Prayer

I remind myself that love and gratitude are forms of respect. Water is life and must be respected. Coincidently, the sacral chakra, the second of the seven major chakras, is associated with the water element. It is the seat of your creativity and emotions. This chakra’s major life-quality is “self-respect.” Remember, when you respect water, you are also respecting yourself.

Live in Love and gratitude!

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