Welcome to the Emoto Peace Project

Hello my precious friends,

Thank you so much for visiting us, The EMOTO PEACE PROJECT (EPP), and for reading my blog.

I am truly happy and grateful that our beautiful team of the EPP started our activity on September 1st, 2016, on the new moon day!  I feel powerful support from the late Dr. Masaru Emoto.  EPP was his life’s mission and he put all his passion, energy, and effort to spread “Love and Gratitude” through THE MESSAGE FROM WATER all around the world.  I am so grateful for him for having made this path for us to work together with everyone around the world to make the world a harmonious and peaceful place.  

We are all vibrating and can resonate in the same frequency no matter where we are physically, because consciousness is what creates the physicality and matter.  Consciousness is also vibration (we call vibration “HADO”), and it is beyond time and space.  Just with our consciousness, we can make the whole world a happier, healthier, and harmonious place.  Every second is our choice, so please think positive, use beautiful words, be kind to yourself and to others, and have a big smile on your face at all times! This is the clue to “Happiness”.

The team of EPP is happy to spread THE MESSAGE FROM WATER in many ways; children’s books, seminars, presentations, and gathering, so that everyone will learn that water is the source of everything and teaches how we shall be living, especially the importance of living in the state of LOVE AND GRATITUDE.  We would like you to please join us to spread the message together.  With everyone’s participation, we can make the world a harmonious and peaceful place TOGETHER.  EMOTO PEACE PROJECT is the project of all humanities for the bright “now” and future.

In much love and gratitude,


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