I am so happy that you are visiting the Emoto Peace Project website! As Michiko notes, everything in this Third Dimension is “hado” or vibration. By changing the vibration and making it higher, you can change the world!

Dr. Masaru Emoto found that everything is vibration. If you apply this concept to physical or spiritual illness, if you change a person’s vibration, you should be able to cure their physical or spiritual illness, and he was able to successfully cure 10,000 people with his Hado vibrational machines from the 1990s to when he passed away in 2014. The Hado machines he used determined the correct vibration or hado for a person to help cure and heal almost any spiritual or physical condition. Often, he found that many illnesses and spiritual problems came not only from this life, but also from the lives of a person’s ancestors. In effect, the person now was paying for the past karmic debt of their ancestors.

One of the amazing experiments that Dr. Emoto did in 1999 was to take a bottle of radioactive water and to place a beautiful “Love and Gratitude” crystal on the bottle, with the words “Love and Gratitude” written on the bottle. He found that within 48 hours, ALL of the radiation in the water had completely disappeared, because the water had resonated with the words love and gratitude on the bottle.

Dr. Emoto,  wrote that he had “been studying about water and Hado for the past 25 years. In October 1999 when the Tokaimura radiation leak accident happened, I took crystal photograph of the water from a well located only 400 meters away from the scene of the accident.”

This crystal picture below represents a water sample affected by the radioactive material:

water affected by radioactivity
Water sample affected by radioactive material

Dr. Emoto was “not surprised to see that the damaged crystal image from the radiation contaminated water changed to a beautiful crystal image, when I imprinted the Hado of “Love and Gratitude” into the water that was previously contaminated with radiation.” When he did this, the following beautiful water crystal was created, and all traces of the radiation in the water completely disappeared within 48 hours:

radiated water after healing
Radiated water after imprinted with the Hado of Love & Gratitude

As Dr. Emoto found, “the fact that this beautiful diamond shaped water crystal formed from the same radiation water after the Hado of love & gratitude was imprinted, means that the Law of Nature settled into the water, that is, the influence of a radioactive material has been successfully removed.”

This is a very simple, yet very effective solution for the radiation leaking into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima, and the radioactive water leaking into the Columbia River in Washington State from the Hanford Nuclear Waste Dump site. In conversations with the famous water scientist Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington on my radio show this year, Professor Pollack said that only barrier to implementing such a novel solution are the scientists and government administrators who probably would not believe that such a solution would work! (see: Out of this World Radio interview for June 3, 2016 with Professor Gerald Pollack at: www.outofthisworld1150.com under “Guests” for 2016)

Everything is Hado or vibration, and I think the key to making the Earth a much better and happier planet is to increase the hado or vibration. There are many ways to raise the planet’s vibration, and one of the ways that I like the best are the children’s books for Dr. Emoto’s Message from Water, which teaches children between the ages of 3 and 12 the valuable and important lessons of love and gratitude. If children can learn early these important lessons, they will want to create a world based on harmony, love, and cooperation – instead of disharmony, hate, and conflict.

There is a new Earth that is rapidly developing now that will be based on these new values of harmony, love, and cooperation, because Mother Earth is tired of all the wars and conflict. The planet wants us to cooperate and live in harmony, and I think this is why the Emoto Peace Project is so important to our beautiful, bright future! I hope you can all join the Emoto Peace Project in making this world a much better and happier place!

With lots of love and light, for a planet that’s happy and bright!

Ted Mahr

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