Our Mission

EPP children's bookTo educate people, especially children, the true nature and importance of water through the book, The Message from Water by Dr. Masuru Emoto.


In 2005, Dr. Emoto, the best-selling author of The Hidden Messages in Water, first announced at the United Nations Headquarters in New York that he would distribute 650 million children’s books of The Message from Water around the world to teach people, especially children, the valuable lessons of love and gratitude, with the hope that people who learn these lessons will naturally make the world a peaceful place. This was the beginning of the Emoto Peace Project. The Emoto Peace Project was Dr. Emoto’s life mission.

The Emoto Peace Project was formed to honor Dr. Emoto’s life’s mission and legacy. Water, the cornerstone of all life on the planet, makes up about 70%of our human body and covers 70% of Mother Earth. It has memory, information storage and is deeply connected to individual and collective consciousness.

Our mission is to create a more harmonious and peaceful world. The book, The Message from Water shows that your thoughts, words and emotions directly interconnect with the water in your body and on Mother Earth. Of all the emotions, Love and Gratitude are the most transformational and empowering.

We intend to spread this message through lectures, seminars, meetings, and radio, television, and Internet promotions throughout the United States and the world. Our objective is to provide educational and scientific information to everyone as well as distribute a copy of The Message from Water to every public school and library in the United States and the World.With kids in Brazil-March, 2015